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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The unthinkable CRY! !

 I can't explain this, I sometimes go blind then I don't see the whole point of trying my best and believeing that I would one day see it. Let alone experience what others enjoyed and felt human and happy inside the warmth of it all. It's meaningless somehow, walking in a dark hallway trying to find a black marble or staring at a white wall trying to spot the white dot. They say be positive in everything you do, but how on earth does one stay positive having to swim from here to Australia via the deadly Indian Ocean? Sometimes one just has to accept the fact that when onelives in a desert one cannot grow a rose garden. We have to let things be, for there is no point in counting the stars when you can't even count the hairs on your head. The whole consept of being positive has been wrongly interpreted by the so~called wisemen. The dead might know what I mean by that. Things people say effect a lot of us(individualy normals) in a major way, because we tend to believe in them too much, than the Great I Am. Do we believe in what we fear or fear what we believe in? Is it because of curiosity that we listen to others or is it because we do not have anything to say? Well guesse what...I just said something

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