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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Beat knock down

My eyes see the wave, exactly the way nature gave. My ears feel the beat, the beat created and sculptured, the beat excited and matured, the beat from tropical drums to African arms. The beat that opened the baby's eyes, the beat that closed my grandfather's eyes. Two or three times I felt it against my chest, boom, boom, I hit the floor and lights out and in my skin it digests. I don't see no stars, butterflies or little fairies, but fade into a space of multi-colourd truth, multiple sound-effects beating against my ears like a hallow-point bullet smashing against my head, I'm silent but I can't hear you speak. Gazing at your eyes made me weak, I'm not man enough but my heart beats a beat that can change waters red from above, because when I hear your name, to my heart it plays a love song.

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